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Activities for students

Danish and Norwegian students in South Africa

We have built up a network of schools that are able to host Danish and Norwegian teacher students doing their practice abroad. The schools in Durban are Penzance Primary, Glenwood Preparatory, Glenwood Junior, Berea Primary and Open Air School. The schools in Kwa Swayimane are Ngabayena Primary and Mbava Primary. The Danish students have participated in the exchange program since 2005 and the Norwegian students since 2014.

The students come from University College VIA, University College Lillebaelt and University College Bergen.

There are three categories of students.

 Students doing their practice.

These students observe, prepare, teach and evaluate their lessons under our supervision and under the host schools supervision. 
The schools provide the students with a diploma for their personal files. 

Students writing their master degree.

These students participate to add an extra dimension to their practical experience. The master degree project is the students’ further education following after the bachelor degree. The students must choose a topic that allows them to compare curriculum and ways of teaching at home and in South Africa. They must show that they are able to understand the South African way of teaching that incorporates tradition, culture and possibilities in South Africa.

Students who want to study at University of Kwa Zulu Natal

We cooperate with the university and we are able to guide them in their study in South Africa.

Practical issues

We find suitable accommodation, transport and leisure activities for the students during their stay

We also make sure that they know about security and general etiquette in South Africa during their stay.