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Game reserve in Hluhluwe
The Drakensberg Mountain

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We accommodate our tourists according to their travel preferences and financial capabilities. We cooperate with various places offering accommodation from Bed & Breakfast lodgings to exclusive hotels.
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Tourism is typically travel for pleasure that encompasses visiting locations associated with natural or cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty, leisure, adventure and amusement. 

Tourism can be international or within the traveler's country and is an important part of individual development because firsthand encounters with local people from various destinations around the globe different to your own allows you get a different perspective of life, learn about different cultures and appreciate the sheer beauty of nature. Traveling to and staying in places outside one’s usual environment for any period of time takes you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to push your personal boundaries, be more adventurous and enjoy a different way of living

With all this in mind, we arrange tours of South Africa for groups between 4 and 20 participants. Our main aim is to present the real South Africa and not only typical tourist destinations. Our tours will be a combination of guided tours to tourist attractions, lectures about the history and culture, visits to cultural institutions and natural landmarks.

We plan the tours individually accordingly to the travellers wishes and preferences.We have previously arranged tours for groups of people from diverse backgrounds with varying requirements and requests.